Stephens County

           Special Olympics

Conner Payne

Conner was always a happy, friendly and spiritual child. He loved football, church, hunting and talking! People often called him “Preacher Man” as he often preached to everyone and always talked about salvation. He was a friend to everyone and was always smiling.  Conner touched many lives and will live on in us all who knew and loved him!

Past Athlete Spotlights


Trey lives in Toccoa and is employed at Quality Foods store.  He enjoys going to movies and to church, playing video games, and spending time with his family, including his sister Ashley and brother Ben.  His dad owns Currahee Vineyard in Toccoa.
     Trey is part of the Masters Division of SCSO.  His favorite sports to play are basketball, bowling and boche.  For Trey, hanging out with friends is an important part of Special Olympics.  He also enjoys traveling to the fall state games to play boche.

Jared Smith

 Jarred Smith is 11 years old and loves nature. He collects rocks, is the families own weather man, and spends his time sitting in the yard watching the leaves fall. He lives with his parents and two older sisters. While this isn’t Jarred’s first time in Special Olympics, it is his first time competing in the bigger events such as the Fall and Winter Games. He enjoys being with his fellow  athletes and plays hard at the games. Jarred’s favorite things are nature, music, computer time, eating, and watching Disney movies. Most of all, Jarred’s favorite thing is to have fun with his family and his friends.


Seth was born on June 27, 1977 in Habersham.  He is the youngest of 8 children.  Seth lives with his mom, step-dad and grandmother.  He has lots of nieces and nephews.  Seth enjoys having family dinners and going places with family and friends.
             Seth enjoys going to church.  He really loves the Lord!  He enjoys volunteering because he loves people and likes to help them.  Seth also loves people and likes to help them.  Seth also like walking, sending time on his computer and going to ballgames.
          The things Seth likes most about Special Olympics are going to the games and meeting the athletes.